Hoffman Estate/Collector Services

Estate/Collector Services.

“Speaking of Art” has always been about relevance — about sparking the creativity of listeners and encouraging their participation in the cultural life of their communities. After I had been on-the-air for awhile, people began contacting me with questions about works of art, antiques, and rare books they had inherited, found in the attic, or were considering buying or donating to institutions. Here, I realized, was the convergence of art appreciation and art utility, where the real benefits of a familiarity with history and its artifacts can touch lives.

As a result, I began evaluating art objects, antique furniture, and decorative art; my central aim being to inform my clients of what they have (and what their property’s market values may be) so that effective decisions can be made as to their retention, donation, or sale. Indeed, identifying where a piece might sell best can make a significant monetary difference. My knowledge of the art and antiques markets, of trustworthy dealers and auction houses both local and out-of-state, can enhance monetary returns to clients.

To arrange a consultation, please contact me at 734-904-4444, or by email at edwin@waamradio.com.